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September 16, 2016

Build a Strong Brand through Engagement

We all know the old adage, it’s easier to retain a customer than obtain a new customer. There are a lot of ways to go about the “retaining”. One way, attendee engagement, plays a critical role in building customer loyalty and supporting the long term success of the show. Many show organizers still struggle to find… Read more »

January 26, 2016

Taking Your Brand Global, Part 1: International Marketing Strategy

When US-based companies promote their goods and services to prospects in the US, they have a wealth of familiar tools at their disposal. Most domestic marketers know when and how to use direct mail versus email, or Facebook advertising instead of a trade publication. But international marketing is far more challenging. There are no standard… Read more »

November 23, 2015

4 Red Flags that Mean It’s Time to Rebrand

Some brands are iconic, think Coca-Cola, and stand the test of time. Now think about Coca-Cola a moment longer and you’ll realize all of the ways the beverage company has changes and morphed over the decades. Iconic brands remain iconic because they refresh their brand adapt the consumer/user/member’s experience overtime. Now think, how long has… Read more »

November 5, 2015

To Rebrand or Refresh – What is the Difference?

Launching into a rebranding or refreshing of your company’s brand can be intimidating. After all, no matter which path you choose there will be a great deal of research, assessment and evaluation to undertake and inevitable buy-in that must be earned from senior staff. Sounds fun, right? Right! All kidding aside, rebranding and refreshing can… Read more »

April 29, 2013

8 Essentials of Association Branding

Associations share many characteristics with for-profit businesses. They have very distinct missions and visions; unique selling propositions that enable them to compete for members; unique products and services that set them apart; and target audiences that help define who they are. Yet, by their structure, associations are quite different. They have Boards and volunteer leaders… Read more »

February 24, 2012

Why You Should Treat Marketing Planning Like Moving to a New Home

This week, my family and I moved to a new apartment. Like most, my husband and I underestimated the time…and number of boxes…it would take to pack up our one-bedroom apartment. How much stuff could we store in 750 square feet anyway? As it turns out, you can collect and then forget about a lot… Read more »