I know you want to tell everyone about every detail of your product or service; outline all the benefits and really make the case. After all, they are all important points (and they truly are). But guess what? Email, or websites even, are not places to do that.

People read differently on screens than they do on paper, and with more time spent on phones (More email is read on Mobile than on desktop email clients. Stats say 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device – Litmus ”State of Email” (March 2017)), that concept is only increased. So as good as your benefits are, it’s time to share them differently.

Today’s readers scroll through emails and websites scanning to identify highlights they find interesting. They move quickly–spending 59 seconds on average for websites. Therefore, it’s important that marketers adapt to this style. There are several different ways to achieve your goals and improve readability at the same time. So next time you put pen to paper…er…fingers to keyboard, think about the following format considerations:

  1. Always include a headline AND subheads (that contain different information)
  2. Think about how your message could be conveyed graphically
  3. Use bulleted lists
  4. Set limits: Limit your paragraphs to 6 lines. Limit your sentences to 14 words. Limit your headlines to 8 words.

But despite all of these changes in how we write, a few standards for good writing hold true:

  1. Proper grammar is important.
  2. Active voice (He sent) is more interesting than passive voice (He is sending).
  3. Today’s style uses one space in between sentences—not two.

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