Digital marketing offers many great advantages for companies trying to identify and reach new prospects, communicate with them where they are, and get meaningful, real time feedback.

It takes a different kind of agency to provide those services – but not necessarily a different agency.

Here are 5 characteristics an agency must have in order to best support its clients digitally:

  1. Strategic thinking – Gone are the days when an account executive was the only conduit between the agency and client – getting information from a client, sharing it with strategic planners, relaying strategy back to clients, getting feedback, sharing it with the creative team, presenting creative, and so on and so on. Whoever interacts with the client – whether it’s an ‘account executive’ or team members who execute tactics – has to be strategic. They have to understand the client’s goals and be able to make strategic or tactical recommendations at any time.
  2. Nimbleness – A natural extension of the first characteristic is that today’s marketing agency has to be nimble – to be able to recommend and execute strategic or tactical input on the fly, in response to real-time results and quickly changing market environments. While overall strategies shouldn’t change dramatically, they need to evolve over time, and the tactics used to support them have to be fine-tuned or changed completely when needed.
  3. An integrated approach – Agency roles and responsibilities become more integrated and less rigidly defined in a digital agency environment. Print designers no longer just create magazine ads and direct mailers, they create infographics and micrographics used in emails or digital ad campaigns. Copy writers help provide content, video editors make smaller, more digestible videos for social media, and so on down the line. Roles have to be more integrated, and everyone pitches in.
  4. Curiosity – A digital agency has to stay one step ahead of the current trends to anticipate and understand what new tactics can do for marketers and where the audiences are moving to. A digital marketer has to be curious, always observing human behavior, studying what others are doing, and thinking of new ways to solve problems.
  5. Passion – In order to have the creativity, strategic thinking, curiosity and flexibility to satisfy clients in today’s integrated digital marketing landscape, you need to be passionate about what digital marketing can do. If you don’t love it, aren’t inherently curious about how digital marketing works, and always wondering what’s next, digital marketing is not for you.

At Frost Miller, we have a long history of integrated marketing, but we’ve evolved right along with the marketing industry to incorporate digital strategy and execution as a core strength. Check out our case studies, and ask about what we’re doing to help our clients thrive in the digital world.

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