New marketing channels have greatly expanded options for marketers. Mobile and social advertising, content marketing, remarketing and retargeting, among others, allow marketers to place their products in front of prospects where they use their digital devices, rather than waiting for prospects to find their messages on specific media.

More channels mean more tactics. But more tactics sometimes don’t yield better results, unless the right tactics are used for the right audiences and to achieve the right results.

There are two basic rules to remember when developing an effective multi-channel marketing campaign.

  1. The campaign must include a variety of tactics that take prospects through the decision-making process from awareness, to liking, to preference and then purchase. Different tactics are effective at getting people through each of these steps. Some, like social media advertising, create awareness, while others, like content marketing, create preferences. Others, like remarketing or email marketing, typically lead to purchases.
  2. The tactics used must be a mix of outbound, inbound and cross-channel. That means that you must reach out to prospects, using tools like content marketing; give them ways to reach you, through search and other forms of advertising; and provide opportunities for prospects and customers to share information about you with others who might be interested in your services, as with social media.

Keeping these two important rules in mind will enable you to develop and execute a strategy that is multi-channel and results-driven.

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