Project Strategy

Because the mining industry covers so many unique sectors, we implemented a strategy that targeted the members of the individual sectors with messages about how MINExpo® meets their specific needs. We also launched a social media component to reach a larger pool of international attendees.

Project Execution

Exhibitor Campaign

Beginning two years ahead of the event, we produce an exhibitor-targeted campaign that includes a prospectus and direct mail that is segmented by mining industry sector. Given the long lead time between shows, we communicate with registered exhibitors through a regular e-newsletter to keep them informed and excited about the show.

Attendee Campaign

After filling the exhibit hall and then some, the challenge is to mirror those results by attracting qualified buyers. The attendee campaign begins a year before the event. It focuses on different aspects of the show—featuring the products being exhibited, education, networking and more.

Digital, Print Advertising and Direct Mail

In 2012, each potential attendee received up to six direct mail pieces and complementary emails as well as a general brochure. We placed banner and print ads in trade publications around the world. We also created a flier for international publications and select embassies to distribute. In 2016, the digital marketing efforts will greatly expand to include segmented promotional emails and e-newsletters.

Social Media

NMA wanted to enhance their international reach. We launched a social media campaign to connect with constituents in Russia, Australia, Brazil and other mining countries. It enabled MINExpo® to engage in a regular dialogue with attendees and exhibitors. The pages launched nine months ahead of the 2012 show and have gained thousands of followers in the years since. The pages’ content built up excitement and buzz around the event and most importantly, pushed the messages to people in more than two dozen countries. Heading into 2016, social media advertising and adding accounts on new networks will be an integral part of expanding the show’s reach.

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We built a website that tied the whole effort together. Because we designed and built the site in-house, there was no packing up graphics files for an outside vendor to try to work into a template. Likewise, no need to go back and forth on content strategy. The look and feel of the marketing campaign was translated directly to the design of the site, which functioned as the informational hub for all things MINExpo®.

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