Project Strategy

For the second time during our long standing relationship, NVCA approached us to completely rethink, redesign, and rebuild their web presence. The primary goals were familiar to many associations; dramatically reduce  content, reorganize with user-experience top of mind, and build workflows to make updating and managing content as easy as possible for staff.

Project Execution

We began by working closely with NVCA’s VP of Communication and Marketing to come up with a content strategy and basic site architecture. This research included looking closely at Google Analytics data from the existing site to determine what was engaging current users and what could be eliminated to reduce clutter. From there our team met with the entire staff to discuss what the new website needed to accomplish from the perspective of each department, what was working and what was not.

Extensive wireframing and prototyping allowed us, and NVCA staff, to stay on the same page in the architecture and design phases of the project. The site was built on WordPress, making use of the content management system’s inherent strengths to pull related content to various pages of the website. The result is a site that effectively and succinctly communicates NVCA’s core message to various audiences — NVCA members, the press, policymakers, and the general public — at all screen sizes.

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